Many holes in a confined space - quickly and efficiently



Efficient and cost effective machining of large number of holes or threads in confined areas.



«Time is money» – the application of multi-spindle heads from SUHNER can really transform this wisdom into daily profits. 
The program for SUHNER multiple-spindle heads includes adjustable heads with 2, 3 or 4 spindles in 6 different sizes. Special heads with user-specific fixed drilling patterns offer great solutions for the demanding needs of our customers.



  • Through simultaneous and multiple operations, a massive increase in increase in manufacturing efficiency can be achieved
  • Virtually unlimited number of spindles. Record: 144 spindles – equals extreme high efficiency
  • Maximum reliability thanks to standardized products and components
  • From simple to highly complex – standard products and customized solutions from a single source

Pipe flanges


Engine blocks


Gearbox and automotive water pumps


Terminal blocks


Door & Window fittings


Lock cylinder


Drums for drying and pelletizing