Optimal machining of multiple layer material, composits or stacks


Pneumatic drill units are fixed in spindle speed and feed rate which are coupled with each other. For the machining of stack materials, this infexibilty leads to material defects, 
short tool life and longer machining cycle times!



To achieve perfect results in multiple layer material drilling operations, the spindle speed and the feed rate must be adapted to the different material conditions of each layer, independant from each other. Only CNC-controlled machining units can 
provide this feature and deliver optimal and efficient results. SUHNER offers two options: 

  • The all new portable machining unit L-MAX (picture 1)
  • The CNCmaster series of machining units for staionary applications inside a special purpose machine (picture 2 to 4)





  • Fully programmable spindle speeds and feed rates
  • Different working cycles such as chip braking and peck-feed allow for short chip making
  • Significant noise reduction (65 dBA max.) compared with pneumatic drill units
  • L-MAX: Integrated (MQL) minimum quantity lubrication
  • Light weight: From 5,5 kg (depending on tool cpapcity)

Aircraft components


Automotive chassis


Rail road components


Shipbuilding ship yard components


Covers and safety housing


Space industry