Efficient processing of bulky workpieces




Perform multiple machining operations on large volume and 
bulky work pieces, economically and efficiently.





Machining units are ideal for such operations and work pieces. They are universal and can be positioned everywhere alongside the work piece.

No matter how complex the work piece, no matter how many operations have to be made, all machining units are working at the same time and only the longest operation defines the total cycle time.




  • Any number of SUHNER machining units can be applied from different directions and perform all necessary operations at the same time.
  • The more operations, the greater the time savings!
  • Standard and customized solutions through an optimized modular component system.
  • Robust machining units for demanding applications.

Aerospace components


Body parts


Railway components


Drums for drying and pelletizing


Covers and protective casing


Paper drying cylinder