Avis de nos clients

«We decided to work with SUHNER because ...»
Herr Marc Tschopp, Head of Engineering KAWE AG, Suisse
Application: Automation of multiple drilling in plastic pipes
«SUHNER was able to meet our high expectations in term of robustness, precision and motor with high braking force.»
Herr Alberto Hafner, Geschäftsführer Oldani AG, Suisse
Application: Automation of end machining for beech wood connecting elements for the construction industry.
«The system with units from SUHNER and SOMEX makes it possible to change tools and different pipe machining ...»
Frau Tamara Klingler, Verkauf Wecotech AG, Suisse
Application: Automation of end machining for different pipes.
«Due to the high requirement of 2.9 seconds cycle time for drilling, countersinking, tapping and cutting ...»
Herr Marc Tschopp, Head of Engineering KAWE AG, Suisse
Application: Automation of various machining operations for different profiles
«The Suhner units enable us to meet the requirements for accuracy and reproducibility.»
Herr Gerschwiler, Betriebsleitung Algewa AG, Suisse
Application: Profile machining
«We could find an outstanding precision of the operations compared to other units! This gives us an advantage over our competitors»
Ing. Sergio Parodi, Production Manager, Grupo Forte, Lima, Peru
Application: Time critical mass production
«Thanks to the units driven by flexible shaft we have been able to implement inside the machine an operation that otherwise we would have had to take out of the machine»
Bertoletti Matteo, Owner of ABM make transfer, Italie
Application: BEW6
«Reliable Suhner drilling and tapping units»
Javier Castillo, Responsible for Production and Quality, CWA Constructions SA/Corp. Olten, Suisse
Application: Machining of long profiles
«We decided on Suhner because of the service and reliability»
Michal Traylor, Maintenance Mgr., JAC Products (Franklin Aluminium), USA
Application: Machining of long profiles
«Suhner solved a major production problem»
Jim Gallien, Owner, Hangman Products, Woodland Hills, CA, USA, USA
Application: Machining with multispindle head
«We appreciate the reliability of the Suhner units»
Troilo Tommaso, Resp. Special Machines, E.M.A.R.C., Vinovo, Italy, Italie
Application: Special purpose machine building for Automobile industry
«thanks to Suhner units we could increase our productivity by 3 times»
S. Sivalingam, Director, Dolphine Die Cast Ltd. Bangalore, India, Inde
Application: Drilling and tapping with Multispindlehead