amps, volts and music ...

SUHNER Automation expert solutions are also visible in the field of high-tech applications. For example, our spindles produce important components for the manufacturing of hard drives and CD players. They contribute to the perfect reproduction quality of music. Even NASA and Hollywood rely on products from SUHNER. From industrial electronics to enter tainment electronics – in all of these areas of electrical engineering and electronics, our customers count on the machining spindles from SUHNER.


The drilling spindles from SUHNER Machining are used in manufacturing of electrical distribution boxes, terminal strips and other home installations, whenever holes need to be drilled. Electrical motors, sensors and measuring devices, manufactured with our machining units, assure industrial companies around the world with safe, reliable and high performance production equipment.

The modular system, combined with SUHNER’s expert knowledge, optimizes customer-specific production solutions. Machines equipped with our components are known for short service cycles and low maintenance costs.