Getting on board with peace of mind

Anyone can drill holes. However, when extreme safety and precision are needed, the aircraft industry relies on SUHNER Machining, e.g. for precision drilling of wing assemblies.

The machining of the large aircraft parts demands very special knowledge from our experts, e.g. offering advice for the correct positioning of the work pieces or help to obtain higher part accuracies and repetition.

Various drilling units, either manually operated or mounted on robotic arms, are used by our customers in production for drilling holes in aircraft frames, cabin windows, structural parts, seats and seat rails. The drilling units of SUHNER Machining are top-rated, especially for efficient and highly accurate machining of multi-layer materials. Due to material differences of each layer, optimal drilling parameters are set by the computer in the same work process.

The machining units of SUHNER Automation expert are in use around the clock, around the world, for the production of many vehicle types and automobile components. It may be in the manufacturing of engines, gears or in the machining of body structures. Many renowned automobile manufacturers and their suppliers count on the high-quality products of SUHNER.