100 years of precision and reliability

Engineering and automation technology in the field of low-cost optimization of drilling, thread cutting and milling are characterized by the swiftly increasing customer requirements for shorter and shorter production times, with simultaneously rising quality requirements and growing cost pressure.


Otto Suhner AG, an independent Swiss family owned company, has more than 100 years of experience in the machine tool business – and since 1965, the Division Machining started activities in developing solutions for low cost and effective chip removal components.

know-how in the development and making of machining units


This know-how in the development and making of machining units, machinery and complex production systems is characterized by outstanding precision, long service life, simple handling and great reliability. The core value of our strategy is based on the high versatility of the SUHNER modular component system and the know-how. In most cases, operations can be performed simultaneously, independant of the work piece dimensions and the number of machining operation.


3D CAD documents are available online


You can count on our comprehensive expert knowledge and advice even for very complex problems. Our 3D CAD documents for the entire line of modular components is available online, to make it easier for our customers to integrate components in their specific design and production process right from the start. Our business partners appreciate and benefit from SUHNER’s long term experience, for which there is no substitute


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