Low-cost automation



Since its founding days 100 years ago, SUHNER has been active in finding economical, low-cost manufacturing solutions
and today is recognized as a leader in the field of machining units for drilling, milling and tapping operations. Single or multiple spindle, electric motor or multiple drive with flexible shafts, quill-feed and slide or CNC units. In addition to that, we offer a complete program for part clamping elements, toolholders, index tables, control modules and unit support columns. In fact, SUHNER can offer the most complete program in modular components for your own design and build project which we support with our 2D or 3D CAD software, or you may choose a turnkey solution through our experienced machine tool building departments.




INFOTECH Edition October 2017

Investment in the future.


POWERmaster BEX 8

Machining spindle for high speed operations. Precise - rigid - reliable.



Tools for fully automated surface finishing, drilling and milling opreration.


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自从SUHNER成立约100年来,SUHNER积极寻求经济,低成本,高性价比的制造方案, 今天SUHNER已经被公认为钻孔、铣削和攻丝等动力头领域的领导者。单一主轴或多主轴,电动机驱动单动力头或由柔性轴驱动多动力头,套筒进给和滑台进给 或数控动力头,我们应有尽有。另外,我们提供全套的零件装夹附件,刀柄,分度台面,控制单元和动力头支撑柱。实际上我们提供2D或3D CAD软件支持的全套的模块组件程序以便您自己设计和建立项目,或者您可以选择由我们经验丰富的机床制造部提供的交钥匙方案。





Coolant through for quill feed units

New on the market for cost sensitive retrofitting: the reCool System.


BEA 16 CNC 2. Generation
Programmable, self-contained machining unit for a high degree of flexibility.


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